So what do you want to know about your customers? YourAcumen will tell you. It draws together their history, their order pipeline, service and maintenance and anything else you want to record about them into a single, cohesive resource.

That's just the start. By comparing customers or aggregating data, you can see the patterns revealed by changing commercial conditions – by differences of geography, industry or customer age and size. YourAcumen  tells you where there's more business to be done and where there are problems to be resolved.

YourAcumen is a bespoke helpdesk solution for an ‘off the peg’ price. A powerful CRM, helpdesk & Salesforce Automation solution, providing a range of advanced features which will help all your customer facing staff carry out their individual tasks more efficiently all integrating seamlessly with our fleet applications.

  • Helpdesk
  • KPI dashboard
  • Automated email / SMS alerts
  • Customer facing web reporting tools
  • Mapping and routing
  • Interfaces to FleetAcumen


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YourAcumen and Kwik-Fit Fleet

Kwik-Fit Fleet uses a bespoke version of YourAcumen.

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