Our Solutions Approach


Stage 1 – Discover the Need

The first step ensures a well-documented plan to milestone the action steps toward success.

The project always begins with a Project Definition Workshop, which requires the involvement of close-up interactions with all levels of key personnel that define the clients’ business needs. These sessions explore and evaluate potential business processes and IT solutions.

A consensus on the functional and technical requirements is presented to the client. We can provide at each level, through stages of your project, the necessary degree of management support to successfully complete the project on time and within budget. Our level of participation depends on your business needs and the level of help required.

Stage 2 – Document the Process

Our documentation of projects is very structured and follows a set pattern, which includes:

Discovery Workshops
• Customer interviews and discussions
• Tailored customer questionnaires to solidify feedback

Definition Workshop
• On-site interviews and discussions
• Agreement on scope and timing of project
• Preparation of high-level design specification for the solution & technical requirements.

Production of Project Plan and detailed design specification
• Agreed between client and NorthgateArinso
• Agreement on involvement from both parties
• Agreement on work practice and relationship
• Test Validation Plan

Stage 3 – Deliver the Promise

• Systems architecting (if required)
• Design and configuration of systems architecture
• Development of solution
• Testing and training at key stages of delivery
• Implementation
• Integrate, test and deploy solution
• Analyse results and create feedback logs
• Capture and share knowledge about the project and review successes

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